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Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants 

At Alford’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we do our best to create as little waste as possible. Sometimes, however, we do have extra pieces of carpet that we call carpet remnants. The pieces can range in size and style, but carpet remnants can be ideal for a variety of uses and projects. Stop by our showroom today to see what carpet remnants we have in stock. You might be surprised by our collection of unique, useful carpet remnants! 


Carpet Remnant Uses 

There are many things that carpet remnants can be used for. Keep in mind; these remnants are not dirty or damaged in any way, so they can be treated the same as new carpet. If you have a small room and we have a large enough piece, you can install it in the room! One of the benefits to choosing a carpet remnant over other carpets is its price. Because carpet remnants are pieces of leftover carpet, they are usually reduced in cost, which can help save you money if you’re on a strict budget for your home.


Another ideal use for carpet remnants is cat scratching posts. These posts are usually covered in carpet, and because cats scratch them so often, they can become worn quickly. Rather than buying another post, simply remove the old carpet and install new with a carpet remnant! 


Other uses for carpet remnants include making them into rugs in your garage. You can use a carpet remnant rather than spending money on a nice area rug to wipe your dirty shoes onto. If you have a pet, you can use a carpet remnant to place beneath their crate to protect your floors from crate scratches. They are also ideal for storing items in bins. With fragile items, you can use carpet remnants to line the bins and keep your glass items safe, even when moving bins up and downstairs to store in your attic or basement. 


To see what carpet remnants we currently have in stock, visit our showroom in Fort Smith, AR, today! 


At Alford’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Smith, AR, we are proud to provide carpet remnants to Sebastian County and Northwest Arkansas.


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