Choosing LVT

Take into consideration these three factors when choosing LVT

Top Luxury Vinyl Facts

The fastest growing segment in hard surface flooring is luxury vinyl tile. LVT comes in a vast array of options which is feeding its popularity. You can customize the color, pattern, all the way down to the design and so much more with ease of installation and maintenance.

LVT offers a beautiful and practical solution for any space. For those who love the natural look of stone and hardwood, this is the perfect alternative. This versatile flooring option can imitate the look of hardwood, marble, slate, and others. For those who are on the creative end of the spectrum, there is virtually no limit to design options.

There are three main things you should consider when choosing luxury vinyl flooring:

1 – Purpose

You should be aware of the product’s wear layer. If you are flooring a high traffic area, you’ll need a thicker wear layer to protect the image layer underneath.

2 – Core

Recycled floors are environmentally friendly but there are many LVT floors are made from raw, pure materials such as virgin PVC. The possibility of shrinking is largely reduced, which makes it more durable. It also stops the risk of recycling toxic or harmful chemicals into LVT that is found most present in post-consumer goods. Virgin PVC produces a constant, quality product that is durable and is equipped with a durable core.

3 – Impact

The nature of high-performance luxury vinyl does not provide itself to using recycled material. You can still choose to shop for products from suppliers, manufacturers, and companies that meet the industry standards for sustainability and environmental stewardship.